Sunday July 6th

1.00pm–1.30pm                Registration

1.30pm–1.40pm                Welcome

1.40pm–3.30pm                Panel 1

Jennifer Ingleheart (Durham), ‘High culture in low company? The reception of ancient ‘homosexuality’ in the pornographic The Sins of the Cities of the Plain.’

Edith Hall & Henry Stead (King’s College London), ‘Classics down the mineshaft’ (paper delivered by Henry Stead).

3.30pm–3.50pm                Coffee

3.50pm–5.40pm                Panel 2. Chair: Lorna Hardwick (Open).

Barbara Goff (Reading), ‘Greek Art on Brick Row: coming to the Classics via the WEA.’

Stefani Dixon (Berkeley) & Djesika Ilèn Watson, ‘Per Tot Discrimina Rerum: Classical Pedagogy by/for Urban Students Experiencing Crisis and Poverty.’

5.40pm–6.00pm                Coffee

6.00pm–7.00pm                Keynote. Chair: Shane Butler (Bristol).

Constanze Güthenke (Princeton), ‘“The Blossoming of Doctor Dryasdust”: Basil Gildersleeve in Germany.’

8.30pm                                 Conference Dinner

Monday July 7th

9.00am–10.50am              Panel 3

Thomas E. Jenkins (Trinity), ‘Extreme metaphor: American Receptions of the Ancient World after 9/11.’

Luke Richardson (University College London), ‘“And over our heads the hollow seas closed up”: Primo Levi and Reading the Odyssey after Auschwitz.’

10.50am–11.10am           Coffee

11.10am–1.00pm             Panel 4. Chair: Martha Woodruff (Middlebury).

Jennifer Wallace (Cambridge), ‘Picturing the Greeks: Photography, Performance and Julia Margaret Cameron.’

Amanda Klause (Princeton), ‘Daphnis Transformed: Virgilian Pastoral, Lucretian Materialism, and Aphra Behn’s Politics of Translation.’

1.00pm–1.50pm                Lunch

1.50pm–3.40pm                Panel 5

Davina Benstead-Cross (St Andrews), ‘Voyaging into the past: Pacific Exploration and Classical Reception in the late eighteenth century.’

Rosa Andújar (University College London), ‘Tragedy and Revolucíon: Adapting Greek drama in Fidel’s Cuba.’

3.40pm–4.00pm                Coffee

4.00pm–5.30pm                Keynote & Plenary. Chair: Barbara Graziosi (Durham).

Simon Goldhill (Cambridge), ‘How to Bring Down the Church? Or: on coming to Durham, these days.’